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Introduction Early Years – P3

Early Year establishments have an important role to play in raising young children’s awareness of the health risks associated with tobacco related harm. Protecting babies from tobacco smoke is one of the best things we can do to give children a healthy start in life.

Jenny & the Bear P1 Resource P1

The Jenny & Bear story is a Primary 1 based resource that highlights the risks associated with children’s exposure to second hand smoke (SHS).  The resource consists of a Storybook/Presenter, teddy bear, booklets and audio and video versions of the story.  It’s a gentle story of a little girl and her teddy and offers the opportunity to explore the themes of a favourite toy, rewarding positive behaviours, and consideration for others.  Teachers show the video or read the story using the presenter (full version of story) to children in the classroom and afterwards each P1 child is issued with a booklet (shortened version) to take home and keep and read with their family.  

The audio and video versions of the resource support both storylines and can be used to support parents and children with ASN.

Parent home-link resource Nursery – P1

This parent-link resource has been developed for early year settings to introduce the Jenny & The Bear storyline to young children and their parents in a fun and interactive way and increase parent bonding and attachment whilst raising awareness of tobacco related harm.. The resource comprises of 1 set of Jenny & The Bear knitted puppet characters, puppet knitting patterns, lesson plan, selection of nursery rhyme/songs and storyboard. Children listen to the rhymes in nursery and afterwards take turns in taking the resource home overnight to re-enforce their learning.  There are opportunities for nurseries to participate in intergenerational engagement as puppets can be replenished by local knitting groups to ensure continuity of key messages.

Smoke In Your Eyes Early Years – P3

This resource covers introductory lesson plans for Early Years – Primary 3 as a means of introducing the topic of tobacco and preparing the pupils for the structured lessons.

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Text here. Explain Puppet Pattern Word Files available to download as a zip, Video & Audio files of the story being read out and song (details of credits & production to be included) - both available to download as mp4 video and mp3 audio files.

Jenny & The Bear Story Resources
Parent-Link Downloadable Resources