Third Level

Below is a selection of possible lesson ideas for S1 -3 for any schools that may wish to introduce tobacco issues as part of the Health & Wellbeing curriculum. The lessons explore the physical, social, emotional, financial and legal implications of smoking.


Tobacco Issues – Myths & Facts/Peer Pressure Tobacco Issues – Peer Pressure Tobacco Issues – Appearance Tobacco Issues – Role Models Tobacco Issues – Content of a Cigarette/Personal Choices Tobacco Issues – ‘Why people smoke? Tobacco issues – Personal & Cost Implications Smoking as a Social Issue/Smoking & the Law Tobacco Issues – School’s Smoke Free Policy Tobacco Issues – Emotions of a Smoker  Tobacco Issues – Tobacco Companies & the Impact of Media Tobacco issues – Global Tobacco Issues Tobacco Issues – Health Implications Tobacco Issues – Addiction & How to Stop Smoking

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All the files you need for each level can be downloaded below. These are Zip archives which contain a variety of Word Documents, PDFs, PowerPoints and other Media files. To download individual materials for this level click the link below.

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